Backcountry adventures like those we offer at Sorcerer Lodge are conducted in an uncontrolled backcountry environment and can include activities that at times may have a higher-than-normal element of risk. We do our utmost to allow you to enjoy an exhilarating yet safe experience. Our trips are led by highly-trained, professionally-certified members of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. Safety comes first. We strive to ensure it is a key component of your backcountry experience.

It is important that you be aware of the level of risk associated with your trip and the backcountry activities you are participating in. We encourage you to review the “Assumption of Risks” portion of the Waiver where some of these risks are outlined.

All visitors to Sorcerer Lodge are required to agree to the Waiver terms at the time of booking and must sign a paper copy of the Waiver at the pre-trip meeting as a condition of attending the trip. We encourage you to ask questions, and to seek legal advice regarding the waiver before confirming your booking if you have any concerns.

icon_pdf Download and view our Winter Waiver in PDF format

icon_pdf Download and view our Summer Waiver in PDF format


We highly recommend that you have trip cancellation insurance.

If you do not have a preferred provider of travel insurance we suggest checking with Capri Insurance.

Website: http://www.lifestylefinancial.ca/index.php/travelinsurance/blbca

Rescue Insurance

We strongly recommend that you purchase rescue insurance in case you require emergency medical rescue or evacuation due to illness or injury.

If you are Canadian, you should be aware that your medical insurance will not cover helicopter evacuations. Bad weather, difficult communications or a lack of time when the medical emergency is critical may prevent the possibility of a search and rescue call-out. If you end up in a situation where there is not time to organize SAR, your evacuation costs can be high! Participants are responsible for these costs.

Some private insurance policies cover emergency rescue costs. However it is very important to confirm prior to your trip that your private insurance covers rescues and includes those arising from mountain or climbing-related accidents.

BOTH CANADIANS and US CITIZENS: The American Alpine Club will insure out of country members. Get on their website and check it out as it’s a great deal. This is an inexpensive way to get limited coverage anywhere in the world for one year.

Website: www.americanalpineclub.org

For more in extensive coverage, please check with Global Rescue, an excellent company to work with and experts in the field of worldwide emergency evacuation and field rescue.

Website: www.globalrescue.com