Trip Planner

Thanks so much for deciding to visit Sorcerer Lodge. The following information should help you to plan your backcountry lodge trip and get organized. If we miss anything or you have some questions, please contact us.

Take a look at the waiver provided. You don’t need to print one off, or fill it out, as we’ll have them here for you when you arrive. Legally though – you need to be provided with an opportunity to read through it ahead of time so that if you disagree or have difficulty with its contents, you can cancel your ski touring trip prior to traveling.

In the winter, highways into Golden are often closed due to avalanche hazard, road conditions and accidents. Please check Drive BC to ensure there are no planned closures that will affect your travel and leave plenty of time. If you miss the scheduled transfer it will be an extra charge to get you into the lodge.

Transfer Day Morning

We meet at The Big Bend Cafe in the town of Golden at 615AM on the morning of your trip. We will have breakfast and sign waivers here.

We will then convoy out to our staging area from here.

Please arrive for breakfast dressed for skiing- lots of layers are key! You will also be asked to wear your ski boots and helmets on the helicopter so have these easily accessible in your vehicle.

Packing & Misc.

We do not provide any alcoholic beverages, however you are welcome to bring some along with you. Bring beer in cans (sorry – but if you need recommendations, there ARE some good ones out there). Small kegs are fine – no giants. We can order those for you from the Whitetooth Craft brewery right here in Golden. We warn folks that alcohol spoils with loss of elevation and we are reluctant to fly much OUT of the range. So think about how much you take in …… (we’ve noticed this effect is especially severe with good expensive scotch).

Trip Planner

Pack your “stuff” directly into your daypack and a small – medium duffle bag, 60 litres max. Please avoid using the large duffle bags/packs and anything with wheels or hard sides, as they are awkward to handle and difficult to load into the helicopter.

We supply all linen and quilts so you don’t need a sleeping bag. (BRING TOWELS) Skis are best left loose (not in bags). Make sure that all boxes come with lids and are taped closed. Shovels should be loose outside your pack if they don’t completely fit inside with the hard edges all covered. Ice axes are left loose and will go in the ski basket for transport. People are advised to dress for skiing when they get on the helicopter so you should have your ski boots on and all other footwear packed safely in your bags. Your personal gear should weigh less than 35 lbs. We will weigh groups at staging if they appear to be heavy.

Feel free to call or email any time if you need more information. We are happy to give snow reports etc…

Visit our What To Bring page for more information.