About Sorcerer Lodge

Welcome to Sorcerer. Nearly 30 years ago, when Nordic Glacier still stretched its arms towards the moraine we chose this remote rugged place in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains, as the home of our helicopter accessed backcountry lodge. The terrain looked perfect for ski touring, snowboarding, hiking and mountaineering. We’ve now been visited by thousands of folks from all over the world, searching for the right place for their mountain holiday. We’re honoured they chose to spend a week playing in our backyard, and to have shared the changes we’ve seen and the lessons we are being taught.

Our office is located in Golden, British Columbia, a genuine little ski town surrounded by 6 national parks and populated by a collection of serious, wilderness loving, backcountry skiing adventurers. They know a good thing when they find it and this is where it all starts.

We book early. So if you are looking for an exciting holiday, based out of a cozy mountain lodge, please contact us right away to talk about what is available. This is a spectacular area that has touched the heart of many a mountain person and we know it will do the same to you.