Weather & Snowpack

Sorcerer Lodge is located in the Selkirk Mountains of BC. We are on the northern boundary of Glacier National Park, known as the backcountry skiing and snowboarding Mecca of Canada due to its deep and consistent powder snow pack.

Winter weather coming in off the west coast of British Columbia eventually collides with the Columbia Mountains and Sorcerer Lodge is slap bang in the middle of the general confluence of storm systems – as one of our clients said “where storms go to party”.

This gives us a typical settled snowpack of 3 to 4 meters topped by frequently renewed powder, and a season for ski touring that can stretch from November to June.

Although weather is hard to predict a few generalities can be made. It’s colder December through February, the days are shorter and the snow lighter. Milder temperatures start arriving March and continue through the end of the ski season as travelling gets easier and the days longer and better for mountaineering. Every month has its positive points and excellent opportunities for adventure.

We encourage our customers to check into frequently. Our weather and snowpack info is updated daily when the winter season is underway. This site is a little technical but if you have any questions just give us a call.